The electronic warmroom for Parliamentary-style debate tournaments.

Free text message announcements for all tournaments.

Stay on Schedule

Messaging helps you quickly resolve many causes of touranment delays:
  • Contact missing teams during rollcall
  • Easily share logistical details (room changes, scheudle changes, etc.)
  • Contact indivudals about missing ballots, missing judges/debaters, etc.

Online Rollcalls

Online rollcalls allow parli coaches to stay with their teams in prep rooms instead of reporting to a central warm room.

Free Targeted Text (SMS) Announcements

Send text messages to all attendees, only coaches, only judges, or even a specific individual.

Easy and Painless

Get started in three easy steps:
  1. Create a free e-warmroom in seconds.
  2. Share with attendees.
  3. Start sending messages immediately!